Tic Toc 2 - Pre-school

Toc Toc 2 was classed as outstanding by Ofsted in January 2015.

"Children are enthusuastic and active learners who make excellent progress. This is because of the quality of teaching throughout the nursery is outstanding." (Ofsted 2015).


Tic Toc 2 caters for children who are eligible for 2 year funding and for our pre-school children. Children aged 3 & 4 years are able to claim the 15 hours of early years funding. The 2 year funding is not universal, for more information please contact the nursery directly.

At Tic Toc 2 we have 4 rooms which are as follows –

  • Bo Peep – 2 year children
  • Lucy Lockett – 2 year children
  • Jenny Wren – 3 & 4 year children
  • Tom Thumb – pre-school children

As the children approach the age of 3 1/2, they start to prepare for transition from the Jack & Jill room in Tic toc 1 to the Tom Thumb room in Tic Toc 2. This is carried out by short ‘settling-in’ sessions with their key-person prior to moving permanently to Tic Toc 2. The second setting is a five-minute walk from our main building and is situated within Henley Green Community Centre. The children certainly feel very grown up.  

Tic Toc 2 - Daily programme

The children at Tic Toc 2 have two play areas, one of which was constructed in 2011 with support and guidance from one of the leading specialists in outside play. We have a tunnel and small hill, slide, play- house, swinging bars, magic mushrooms to name but a few. It is certainly a much used and very popular area with the children. The children from Tic Toc 1 also have access to this area.

At this setting, we offer a range of play opportunities as the children experience more independence. One of the priorities at Tic Toc 2 is starting to gently prepare children for school by offering a more structured approach to learning.

Free funding

At Tic Toc 2 parents are able to access the funding which gives them up to 15 hours of free care per week for 38 weeks of the year. The funding commences the term after the child’s third birthday - a child aged three by:

  • 31st March will be eligible to claim for free hours in the Summer term
  • 31st August will be eligible for grant in the Autumn term
  • 31st December will be eligible for grant in the Spring term

Free funding can be structured to your child’s needs; you do not have to claim for the maximum fifteen hours per week

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