Tic Toc 1 - Babies, toddlers and tots

“Children are making extemely strong progress in all areas of their development. They are highly motivated, successful learners who are keen to engage and get involved in all the activities on offer." (OFSTED 2017)

“Children are extremely happy because a highly effective key-person system and settling-in procedure operates throughout the nursery. This helps to ensure that all children develop very strong relationships with staff.” (OFSTED 2015)


We have 5 rooms which are as follows –

•   Miss Muffet – caters for babies until they are commencing to walk

•   Humpty Dumpty – for babies who are beginning to walk around and explore

•   ABC – for toddlers who are confident at walking and climbing stairs

•   Rub a Dub - for toddlers who are confident with the stairs

•   Jack and Jill – for older toddlers

Each room at Tic Toc Nursery follows a daily routine which gives each child a sense of security and belonging. The routines in each room differ slightly to accommodate the ages of the children. This gives children confidence as they sense what activity is coming next. The day is structured but flexible enough to allow for spontaneous activities, for example on a snowy day the planned activity may be postponed.

Tic Toc 1 - Daily programme

Children are cared for throughout the day by a named key-person. Their key-person is responsible for all personal care, mealtimes and recording the children’s progress in their learning journals. Nappies are changed frequently throughout the day according to children’s individual needs. Each child has individual time with their key-person during the day.

The planned activities are based around the children’s interests and are planned on a daily basis. It could be going for a walk to look for autumn leaves, a cooking activity, exploring paint and textures, junk modelling, playing in the role play areas, the list is endless. All children play outside at least twice a day, in all types of weather as long as the children have appropriate clothing. The learning opportunities on a wet or cold day are immense.

Parents are requested to provide formula milk, wipes, nappies, comforters and spare sets of clothes. Sunscreen and sun hats during the summer, wellington boots and a rain coat on wet days.

Settling in

At Tic Toc we offer extensive ‘settling-in’ sessions where the child comes with their parent/carer and spends time getting to know their key-person. This gives the parent/carers chance to build a relationship with the key-person and gives the staff time to get to know each child and their family. Our aim is that your child feels happy and confident in their lovely new environment and you know they will have a great day.

Each child is unique, the ‘settling- in’ process will be adapted to your family’s needs and you are welcome to attend for as many sessions as you and your child need. There is no charge for any of the ‘settling- in’ sessions. The sessions are an ideal time for parents/carers to get to know many of the staff and time will be spent explaining all aspects of nursery life.






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